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History & Structure

History & Structure

Why Maximum Christian School?

At Maximum Christian School, we are dedicated to providing our students with an education that is rooted in faith. We offer affordable tuition, flexible learning styles and a non-traditional approach to schooling that focuses on the growth of each child’s spiritual, physical, and mental development.We strive to give our students an environment where they can learn and grow in the context of the Christian faith. Our teachers and staff are committed to providing an enriching and meaningful education for all.

History & Structure

Maximum Child LLC is registered with the state of SC as a Limited Liability Company and as such operates a childcare center and a private school.
Maximum Child Learning Center is a DSS licensed for-profit (S-corp) childcare facility that operates year-round M-F. Maximum Elementary @ LifeSpring is recognized by the state of South Carolina and the United States Internal Revenue Service as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 private school. We are doing business as Maximum Christian School.

Angela J. Didway, M.S.,LPC is the owner/operator of Maximum Child LLC. She is the founder and CEO of Maximum Christian School.

The history of Maximum Christian School is a testament to its strong foundation and growth within the community. The school was established in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic in mid-2020 by Angela Didway, the founder and CEO. Angela's vision was to provide a safe and nurturing environment for her community's children to continue their education even during uncertain times.

Formally incorporated in February 2021, Maximum Christian School's journey continued to evolve. Starting with humble beginnings at LifeSpring church, the school's campus has since expanded to encompass 3 acres of land. The dedication to fostering spiritual, physical, and mental growth in students has remained a consistent focus throughout the school's history.

By June 2023, the school achieved this milestone by expanding to a new location, a testament to its popularity and commitment to quality education. Under the Maximum Child LLC banner, Maximum Christian School is proud to boast a team of 20 highly dedicated staff members who share a passion for nurturing the educational journey of the youth.

Maximum Christian School's philosophy is deeply rooted in its faith-based, non-denominational Protestant values. The school's mission centers on providing an education that is both affordable and rooted in Christian principles. The non-traditional approach to learning, coupled with a strong emphasis on critical thinking and Christian morality, sets the school apart.

As part of its mission, the school seeks to instill a strong sense of Christian morality in its students, encouraging them to think critically and engage with their Christian worldview. Furthermore, the school is committed to nurturing patriotism and fostering responsible citizenship, with the ultimate goal of helping each student reach their full potential as lifelong learners.

Maximum Christian School continues to be a beacon of faith-based education in South Carolina, dedicated to providing a quality education while nurturing the spiritual and moral growth of its students.

For enrollment and inquiries, please call us at 864-753-7505 or email us at Stay connected with us on Facebook (@MaximumChristianSchool) and Instagram (@maxchristianschool) to become a part of our faith-driven educational community.

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